Happiness is
A warm hearth
A good friend
And endless hot brewedge
— common Reachman saying
  Much like the Reachmen themselves, brewedge resists expected societal norms and has been classified by outsiders as anything ranging from a stew to a spiced liqueur. A dietary staple of natives to the Giftwood Grove, a mug of hot brewedge is one of the first offers made to welcome guests upon entering a home. The thick vegetable-based broth may also be alcoholic depending upon its preparation.

Manufacturing process

Brewedge is the thrifty way to use food scraps which are too small for use elsewhere, or nearing the end of their shelf life. The vegetables are finely chopped and added to a large stewing pot with water, which is maintained at a simmer throughout the day. Stale bread scraps are often added to thicken the broth, and each family has their own preferred herbs to add more flavor. Some households will also permit the pot to ferment overnight.   The thick broth is usually offered while still warm, while it can still be consumed as a beverage, but is sometimes eaten cold with a bowl and spoon.  

Apparently it used to be called "brewed sewage" until they shortened the name so people would drink it.
— opinionated tourist


It's not a party without the brewedge!
— drunk Reachman
  The life of a Reachman involves hardship and sacrifice in their stewardship of the Giftwood Grove and their defiance against the Church of the Heathen Prophet. They have learned to make do with what they have while pulling together as a tight knit community.   Brewedge remains a key component of the Reachman diet due to its cheap cost, high vitamin content, and low maintenance cooking methods. Most households have a pot of brewedge simmering or fermenting throughout the day. As a result it has also become synonymous with hospitality, and failure to offer a mug to a guest is considered a personal insult.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
Raw materials & Components
scraps of vegetables, crumbs and stale bread, with a few herbs for flavoring

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