Andisol Sea

The Andisol Sea is best known for its thriving Strangling Kelp forests and their effects on the manufacture of Glass in Khalembra.


The Andisol Sea is a sea of the Lokiran Ocean bound by Khalembra to the west and Nomura to the northeast.

Fauna & Flora

Navigating the Andisol Sea remains tricky due to the large forests of Strangling Kelp, known for tangling around anything passing through which allows them purchase. Specialized smoothed-bottomed fishing Sea Skimmers have been developed for traversing these forests, with regular inspections to ensure the Skimmers remain smooth between trips to prevent catching on kelp snags.

Natural Resources

The Strangling Kelp of the sea is useful for a variety of purposes including the thriving Glass productions of Khalembra.   The variety of Fish and Shellfishwithin the forests also provide a steady diet of seafood for those industrious and clever enough to retrieve them from the kelp forests.
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Cover image: Nature Forest Trees by jplenio


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