Paper Flowers

He went down on one knee and held up both his hands which were closed towards her. She raised both of her eyebrows at him.   He gave her a nervous grin and opened his hands. In his hand lay a tightly folded piece of brown paper.   He whispered “unfurl” and the paper slowly started shimmering and unfolding itself. As the paper shaped itself into a beautiful flower it’s color changed into a soft pink and yellow gradient. Her favorite color combination. With a slight pink think tinge to his cheeks, he whispered “play” and she could hear the song that had played when they met for the first time at the summer ball.   “Will you accept this frail paper flower as a token of my love?”
  The nobility of The Tsurin Empire has always been fond of Paper Charms for their convenience. Of course, that means that they also use them for love.   The flowers are usually custom made by an Inscriber who draws runes from Derin, the language of the deities, on special paper and infuses the runes with mana.   There is no special time frame for the giving of the paper flowers, though, famous inscriber Holma Rainfall says that he gets more orders during spring.   The year after the first flower the couple are supposed to give each other another flower. Couples that have been together for several years usually have a special place where they display their flowers for visitors.  


The tradition of the paper flowers as a token for romantic love began when Aiwai, a deity of love, was still mortal. He offered a charmed paper flower to one of his conquests. She saved it and gave it to her son to give to a lady that he wanted to court.   The tradition of giving charmed paper flowers caught on and is now rampant among the nobility and has even spread to the commoners who can only afford to give away regular non-charmed paper flowers.
by BasicDragon
by BasicDragon
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