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Samira is the only daughter of her parents (as yet unnamed). They are low ranked within the Timbersands Family. As such Samira grew up with very few luxuries. From a young age it became obvious that she was highly skilled with crystals. She could use more power through small chips than most other skilled users. As such, her parents supported her though the studies at the Hall of Childhood beyond the mandatory eight years. Unfortunately her mother had to deny herself medication in order to do so, and she passed away in the final months of Samira's studies.  


  Samira is small and quiet. She has large brown eyes in a round face with long, black hair.  


  She is studious and confident in her abilities, though she can be quiet shy. She doesn't like large crowds and is happiest on her own. She is insistent on things being fair, and struggles to flex when that would make things easier for her.  


  She is able to draw out the merest whisper of power from any cyrstal, so the small size of hers is not such a hindrance as it would be to anyone else.   To relax she enjoys drawing. Mostly she uses charcoal as that is easiest to get from the kitchens at the end of the day.

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