Fenixia is the Empire ruled in the name of the Radiant Emperor by the Parent Council  


  They are descended from nomadic clans who had all been warring and got fed up with it, so they as eldest sons of their nomadic clans had met together in the centre of an old volcano to discuss how they could bring peace and prosperity. They met there as it was impossible for anyone to overhear or sneak up on them (they’d all placed watchers outside). The future emperor was hit by lightening. The combination of lightening and lava changed them, allowing them to use the Crystals to access and harness natural forces.   The first Radiant Emperor begun the move from a nomad lifestyle to a settled one, founding Fenixia and the empire that spread out from there. His was a rule of benevolence and good things for all. He ruled with a council of five friends, who formed their own families within his growing empire. This was the basis of the Families who now rule Fenexia.   and they then took their followers from each of their clans, banded together and created the city of Fenixia close to the volcano. With their magic they could create what they needed. Over time their needs grew, and their desire to do work diminished, so they drew in others who wanted to join them, hence the city without grew and became their servants. The rest of their clans slowly became part of the community and settlements were created in their ancestral lands. These settlements were overseen by a key member of each family, and each one provided for their own needs as well as providing a tithe of two things.  
  • Horses & crystals, Phoenix Emperor
  • camels & millet, - yellow - Tindersand
  • goats & salt, - white - Charflint
  • oxes & fruits, - red - Flareglow
  • dogs & cotton, - green - Blazegrass
  • fish & rushes, - blue - Emberstorm
  Size   People outside of the Citadel do menial jobs and have limited income. They have no say in what happens to them. Life in the outlying communities is more relaxed, but in the city without is more of a chance that you would be adopted by a family member and raised to be their personal servant. This is the most powerful role possible for a non-family member, and is highly sought after. Only family members of a certain rank can have one.   The borders of Fenixia stretch three days ride in each direction, and three days by boat along the river. Those living further from the main city are fairly independent, and their allegiance is mainly lip service until there is a problem they need help top solve.  

Current situation

  After many generations, the last member of the Emperor's acknowledged family died. This left the Radiant Throne empty. In order to minimise the upheaval and struggle for power, the five Family Parents agreed to rule as a Council, ruling for two years at a time in rotation.   While the Parent Council works in theory, it has broken down due to in-fighting and preferential treatment towards the family in charge. Society has become increasingly split, as the families hoard as much resources as they can for their members, leaving those who are without the protection of a family almost destitute. They lack resources and it is almost impossible for them to have or learn how to use one of the Crystals, which limits their prospects or ability to make a better life for themselves.
Geopolitical, Empire
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