Desert hemp

Desert hemp is a plant which grows across the whole of The Hollow Expanse. It is a small shrub with fibrous leaves, these help it keep the moisture during the dry seasons. During the rains, it flowers quickly, taking advantage of the water in the air to propogate and spread. New plants root quickly before the ground dries too much.  

Treatment of the plants

  The leaves are dried, pummeled with stones to break down their structure, and treated with a mixture of horse piss and fish intestines to separate out the strands. The mixture is left on for three days before being washed off. The strands are combed and woven together to produce thread of varying thickness. This is then woven to produce cloth.   Once treated, the thread and cloth is incredibly durable. While the colour might fade if worn outside for long periods, the cloth itself will remain whole.  

Types of cloth produced

  Most of the cloth in Fenixia is produced from a single treatment of desert hemp. These are worn by servants, and lesser members of the families, as it creates a simpler style of clothing. The fibres can be treated two or three times, to refine the strands and create a thinner, tighter weave to the cloth. This is only worn by the Family Parents and higher members of the families.  

Uses for other parts of the plants

  The seeds are crushed and used in baking, giving food a nutty flaovur. While the flowers are used to adorn women when they first meet their intended husband. Wearing a hemp flower tucked into your hair is a sign that you are ready to settle down and wish to be courted.
very common
greyish-brown, though it can be dyed
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