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26th of Qu'ora 1783

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Celestial beings had created the world now known as Femurian. Through fire and water, landmass started to form until it reached the form as known to this day. The center most continent of the northern lands is known as Anduron. A very standard land, with lush greens and sloping hills. Scattered forests across the continent and a large mountain range in the north.   On its left lies the continent of Xandria, the largest of all continents. Because of the size this is also the most diverse of the continents in terms of biomes and different races inhabiting the continent. On the right of Anduron is the small continent of Kalador. This is a more rough landscape with volcanoes and large mountains. Almost the entire north of the continent is always covered with snow. Due to the rough nature of this land, you’ll find less cities and inhabitants here. Though the people that do live here, are known as the fiercest across the entire world.   To the south lie the final two continents. First there is Kerahn. Mostly made up of deserts end jungles this continent has a unique beauty to it. People hardly leave this continent and trade happens mostly between nations on the continent and is therefor considered as rather isolationist. Finally there is Almerah; A continent made up of multiple smaller islands. Due to this, the continent has a thriving shipbuilding business and most of the traders across the world hail from this continent.   This is the world. What follows is it’s story.