Order of the Hunt

The Order of the Hunt is an independent guild of mercenaries not beholden to a single nation or people. Their ability to take on missions unsuitable for the deployment of military forces allows them to operate within the borders of most nations. Members of the Order are sometimes called Hunters.

The Order has many chapters scattered throughout the nations. Each chapter is headquartered in what is called a chapter house, which is run by its leader, known as the Huntsmaster. The clerical staff that gather information on jobs and run each chapter are called Huntsmen. The chapters operate largely independently of one another, but membership is honored across all chapters and a member can accept jobs from any chapter. Payment for completed jobs is received at the same chapter house the job was accepted.

The Order itself is pretty loose about its membership and doesn't typically keep track of its members. The way people are inducted into the Order is by accompanying an existing member and completing a job. Upon completion, the existing member then brings the prospective back to the chapter house to attest participation. The prospective then receives a coin, medallion, or other small trinket with the Order of the Hunt's insignia on it (taken out of the prospective's pay) so they can then accept jobs on their own. While this process relies very much on word of mouth and can obviously be cheated, having to split the job's pay with a prospective member and the dangers of the job seem to be enough of a deterrent from seeing this abused.

While it is not widely known outside of the Order, a significant number of Hunters have magical or supernatural abilities.


Do not interfere with national or international politics. If a nation's ruler submits proof, the member is not only expelled, but a bounty is put on the offender's head to be captured and delivered to the accusing nation. The Order is allowed to operate across borders because it does not involve itself in political disputes.

It is forbidden to sabotage another Hunter's job. If a member is caught sabotaging, a trial is held and if found guilty is expelled from the Order. The expulsion is communicated to all chapters of the Order.

Do not harm the Order's reputation and the Order will not harm you.

Only Hunters are allowed to carry the Order's insignia. Stray insignias are to be brought back to a chapter house. Stealing an insignia will result in a bounty.

Mythology & Lore

It is believed that the person who created the Order was the mythological hunter Clepio. The insignia of the Order is based of the legendary tale of Clepio slaying two giant snakes with nothing but a short sword.
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