Night Hunters

The Night Hunters predate the Order of the Hunt and created the Order to allow their operations to be hidden in the shadows of the night. When a member of the Order defeats a Shadow, they are given a test to see if they can be trusted with the secrets of the Night Hunters.   The Night Hunters are a small group that has collected information about methods to destroy Shadows. While their information is far from complete, it is one of the most comprehensive collections. Magic is fairly common in the members of the Night Hunters, but it is not mandatory. In order to protect their own identities should the group become compromised, they wear cloaks and masks during their meetings.   The Night Hunters' primary chapter house is in the Old Gorogache district of Gorogache.   The Night Hunters follow the framework of the Academy Group Patron.
Founding Date
2032 AA
Educational, School/Academy
Leader Title
Notable Members

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