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Shadow Town

Written by littletoes101

Eyes peer out at the travelers from the shadows of the trees, and immediately, Suseil feels emself growing uncomfortable. There's something about this town that rubs them the wrong way, though they can't quite put their paw on it.
— From Chapter ??? of Book 0 - After Man.
  Shaukiw-Tuwl is a small, isolated community on the southern tip of the Land of Jagged Cliffs. For as long as any cat can remember, they have lived in near-total isolation since the foundation of the town. No one knows all of their secrets, and the Shaukiwians like it that way.

Industry & Trade

Although the town has many exports, such as steel, iron, precious metals, lumber, and food, little is known about the actual town. They never allow any outsiders to get too close to discovering their secrets. As for jobs, most of the inhabitants work as hunters or in mills and mines. They have a strong work ethic, but this is unknown to most.


Founded in 945 by a crossbred cat who was rejected by his original Clan, the cat known as Qiaiad-Yuwr is cited as the original founder. Many of the original inhabitants of the town already lived in the area; Qiaiad-Yuwr simply recruited them to become a part of his new town.


The town is located within a thick forest at the edge of a rolling hillside. The hills and forest protect it from most outside attacks and influences, though it isn't always enough. It does serve to help keep them isolated, however. Most of the cats are able to earn their living from their surroundings, as an added bonus.
Alternative Name(s)
Land of Loners
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