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A place of peace.

Written by littletoes101

There has to be a reason Froat has led eir paws here, Suseil thinks. Things always happen for a reason, isn't that what Mother-Fang always said? This simple tree has to mean something.
— From Chapter ??? of Book 0 - After Man.
  For those who do not look deeper than the flesh, Laiyailr-Tsaa is a simple tree. For those who choose to have faith and go deeper, Laiyailr-Tsaa is so much more than what fleur seems. For members of Soamcus, Laiyailr-Tsaa is a constant part of life that will never change and never cease to exist.

Purpose / Function

Froat herself planted this tree when Felithera was born, grew fleur with her own paws and ordered fleur to protect. Fleur has done that ever since.
Braakklavkol explaining the purpose of Laiyailr-Tsaa to Susein
  According to Soamcus, Laiyailr-Tsaa was created shortly after Felithera was given life by The Greatness. The Goddess Froat created the tree. Fleur's purpose was to protect every feline in Felithera, no matter their origin or beliefs. The tree fleurself gives credence to this statement by casting protection spells around fleur, and by giving temporary protective warding spells to any who come within twenty feet of the tree.   Because of the protection fleur offers, the area in and around the massive tree has become a popular spot for parents who live nearby to come to give birth to their litters. While predators are a very minor threat in most of Felithera's lands, instinct still guides them to find somewhere safe to birth, and what safer place than the tree which protects the planet?


At first glance, fleur appears to be a normal old oak tree, albeit massive in size. Which, of course, would make sense, as the tree is well over ten thousand years old. However, when night falls, the tree appears to come alive, moving fleurself at will and displaying thousands of glowing, bio-luminescent eyes.
Yes, the tree uses pronouns! Because fleur is essentially a sapient being, fleur has pronouns too! If you're unsure of how to use them, this handy link will help you!
— Author speaks
Alternative Names
Birthing Tree
Natural Wonder
Parent Location


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