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Tolona Wall

The Tolona Wall is a particular mountain formation in the Tolona Peninsula (named after the mountains, not the other way around). In ancient times, the Wall kept Tolona safe from land invasions (sea battles were another story...) and allowed it to prosper.   The Wall's protection is not just physical, however. Within its rocky structures hide glistening jewels that are as powerful as they are pretty. The people living in the Tolona Peninsula took centuries of scientific discoveries and dangerously destructive technologies to be able to extract jewels from the mountains, but once they did so, they unlocked a potential for world domination not seen since the invention of the atomic bomb.   This is because Tolona Wall is actually formed from the bodies of two powerful deities who once ruled in that part of the world: Felialma and Canispirito. Legend has it that the deities fought against each other in a violent war 2000 years ago, and they both perished as a result. Their bodies became the mountain range.   Whether the people of Tolona choose to utilise this power remains to be seen. Though it mostly depends on how annoyed they get by their neighbours. The country of Torrerca, in particular, has no been able to let go of their colonialist past yet, and insists on treating Tolona as if it was still their colony...


The Tolona Wall forms a circle of ultimate land protection to the small Tolona Peninsula. The area grew to prosperity inside the mountain range.   The Tolona Wall was also instrumental in the old country of Tolona's independence from their former metropolis, Torrerca. Once the people of Tolona decided they wanted independence, it was easy for them to block the one land access route to the capital, forcing Torrerca officials to give them independence due to their sheer inability to communicate with the colony. Nowadays, Tolona has been split between East and West Tolona, but the twin nation's shared past has not gone away.

Natural Resources

The glistening jewels encrusted in the Tolona Wall have been known for thousands of years, however they have only become usable in the last few decades, when technology advanced to a destructive enough stage to break down the wall's rocks (which, as far as people know, are the hardest material in the world).
Mountain Range
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