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Nay Tur Wild

Nay Tur Wild

Nay Tur Wild is a business woman with more ambitions than she has kids (which, considering she is the mother of sextuplets, is quite a lot). She wants her company to dominate the market for glistening rock jewellery. She wants to be elected local representative for her neighbourhood at the next election. She wants her six teenage children to stop arguing against each other and destroying the house in the process. She wants her husband to give their six teenage children more discipline instead of waiting until she arrives home tired from a whole day of work to cut everybody's video game time. And she wants a dog.   Nay Tur would have been yet another evilly-inclined person with a moderately successful career and no real impact on the world, if not for her accidental discovery of how to extract the glistening rock from the Tolona Wall. Thanks to her discovery, the whole country is set to enter a Golden Age of prosperity by exploiting a mysterious power they know little about (or triggering another Catharxis, the End of the World, whichever comes first).   Nay Tur didn't know it at the time, but she is one of Felialma's Godlings, and her blessing was one of creation and engineering. Felialma began to stirr in their sleep due to an unrelated supernatural event that resulted in a surge of multiple births in the small Oviexo (twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and sextuplets all living in the same neighbourhood and born within a few years of each other? Definitely some supernatural meddling was involved). When Nay Tur gave birth to the sextuples, that somehow allowed her blessing to awaken, which in turn allowed Nay Tur to create the The Drill to End All Drills, which drilled into Felialma and Canispirito's body and allowed them to awaken even more of their blessings to other Godlings...   Maybe the unrelated supernatural event wasn't so unrelated after all...


Family Ties

She is married to a man of good heart who fortunately enjoys all the boring tasks of child-bearing and house keeping. They have sextuplets who are more than a handful (no pun intended), but who thankfully spend an awful lot of time at school or at their friends' places, so Nay Tur doesn't have to deal with them on a regular basis.

Religious Views

Deities are dead.

Hobbies & Pets

She really, really wants a dog.
Aligned Organization

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