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Aesop Fatebreaker

Draconic Knight Aesop Cornelius Fatebreaker (a.k.a. Nightingale, Sop)

Aesop is a 18-year-old shadow and is the adoptive brother of Ferro Fatebreaker. Raised on the streets as an orphan he had been only out for himself until he met Hatthew and hatched his little brother from his egg. He now tries to live up to their legacy as a Draconic Knight. He commands shadow magic, a mysterious power from another realm and wields the Fatebreaker heirloom sword, Sharpsong. While skilled, he is far from completing his training to become the next Draconic Knight and earn the right to call himself the hero his brother looks up to. Aesop is a straightforward person that often kept to himself. However, he does have a temper that can lead to outbursts. He prefers actions over words mainly because he isn't good with talking to begin with. He tries to mask his emotions to look like a strong support for his brother and others but it also makes it tougher for him to handle situations when they pile up on him. When it comes to his brother he is very protective of him but always tries to teach him how to be more self-reliant, worried about anything happening to Ferro. Before the Riots happened, Aesop was the songwriter and drummer of The Renegades, which is also made up of Ferro, and their childhood friends Sienna and Gwyn LaCroix. Sop was a part of many athletic teams, but he often quit or was kicked out due to his behavior, though he is a constant stay at the high school art club.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Multiple black, tattoo-like markings exposing his heritage as both an Umbran and a Draconic Knight

Special abilities

Shadowmancy, Night Vision, Can enter a mysterious realm known as the Shadow Zone and use it as a way to teleport through the mortal world.

Specialized Equipment

Yo-Yo's, family heirloom sword

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

He enjoys music, especially rap, R&B, and some jazz, and he loves graffiti art, using his abilities to get to all untouched areas to tag. His biggest pet peeve is when people touch his hair.


While he leaves his room and art station a complete mess, he maintains very good care of his body with daily workouts and healthy eating. He's very protective of his hair and takes very good care of it.


Hobbies & Pets

Graffiti/Painting, playing the drums, freerunning


Aesop Fatebreaker

Brother (Vital)

Towards Ferro Fatebreaker




Ferro Fatebreaker

Brother (Vital)

Towards Aesop Fatebreaker





When Aesop broke into the Fatebreaker household looking for food, he wasn't expecting to find a mysterious black rock with blue arrowhead patterns across it. Upon touching this rock, a black mark appeared on his shoulder and the rock began to crack open. Inside was a baby dragon with black scales, and a presence pressed into Aesop's mind. Freaked out, the boy tried to run, only for the dragon to follow. He was eventually caught by Hatthew as he returned home. Upon seeing that the egg had hatched, and finding out Aesop was an orphan, Hatthew offered to adopt the boy.   At first, Aesop did not want the responsibility of taking care of this dragon, who he saw as an annoying lapdog. When the dragon transformed into a human and the two figured out how to coexist sanely, Aesop started seeing the other as a little brother and really took on a caring, protective role. Together, they explored their abilities and their telepathic bond, even forming a rock band together with the neighbourhood twins.   As the more emotional of the two, Ferro has no problems showing his affection towards his brother through physical contact and cuddles. Aesop, while he loves Ferro just as much, is more standoffish and really only admits his true feelings in private, or in the privacy of their bond. This makes the love seem rather one-sided, but don't be mistaken. Aesop would do anything for his brother, including death, but showing emotions isn't really his strong suit.

Legal Status

Adoptive Brothers

Year of Birth
2001 (18 years old)
Serenity Requiem, an Umbran city ship
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Red eyes with diamond-shaped iris
Long black dreadlocks
Skin Tone
Tanned Brown
150 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Don't just change fate. Break it."
Known Languages

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