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Fated to be Super


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A world where the battle between right and wrong manifested in a tech driven futuristic world as a constant struggle between Superheroes and their Arch Nemesis. Similar to our world in appearance, but with no limitations in possibilities, here you may find humans, aliens, and magic beings all living under one roof with no question of its normalcy. One would think in a world of powerful beings and willful zealots eager to defend the common man there would be more justice not less, however that isn't the case in many places. A world built on corrupted morals can't easily attain such peace.   Can be considered an "alternate history" of the world. Takes place in a version of the world where after a number of wars new countries and nations rose from the ashes. Now, hundreds of years later, a new society is emerging and the old one is nearly nothing more than ancient history. What once was "America" is now a number of city-states, micro-nations, and the fractured remainders of formerly colonized land.