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Lyra Bilar Kestrai

Lady of the Heights, Mistress of the Storm, First Stormcaller Lyra Bilar Kestrai

Lyra Bilar Kestrai. First Stormcaller. Mistress of the Storm, Lady of the Heights. Called Stormcaller by her people, cursed by her enemies, and Ly to her lovers

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Quite fit from hunts in the mountains of her home, and willowy without appearing thin. Deceptively strong.

Body Features

Light brown skin, with reddish-blonde hair

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to the ruling family of the Kestrai nest, Lyra had a mercurial temperament from a young age. Her moods seemed to fluctuate as fast as the weather of the Highlands-which was not necessarily correct. Her studies took an introspective turn when she began to realize the power within her.


She learned hunting from her cousins, statescraft from her mother, and warfare from her father. As she grew, she spent more of her hunting time reading the skies, and realized that the weather above her always matched her mood precisely.


The first to control the storm within, she became the first Stormcaller in addition to being the heir of the Kestrai nest while her parents lived. after their passing, she takes up the mantle of Lady of the Kestrai, and leads them forth during the Age of Storms.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Mastering her powers
  • Unification of the Stormlords
  • Creation of the Stormcaller Coven
  • Creation of the Stormlord Council

Failures & Embarrassments

Over the course of learning how to control her powers, has fallen victim to every weather-related ailment under the sky, and a few others not technically possible.

Intellectual Characteristics

She delights in appearing fragile and using the expectations of others to their downfall.

Morality & Philosophy

She was raised as an upright lady, and has a powerful sense of noblesse oblige.

228 - 330
Circumstances of Death
Died of old age, having greatly exceeded the average lifespan of a Highlands human.
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
She presents herself as female, and goes by the pronouns she/her.
Grey flecked with gold
Long reddish-blonde, with frizzy(electrocuted ends, often worn up in a crown braid.
Skin Tone
Light brown
1.4 meters
115 lbs
Known Languages
Fluent in Aveskahn, Kestrain, Common and Highlands Trade.

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