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How do the Stormcallers use their powers?

Ever since the long-dead days of Lyra Bilar Kestrai, the Highlands have been host to Stormcallers, mages who use their psychic gifts to influence the weather around them, creating everything from micro-climates that promote healing to cataclysmic hurricanes of ice and lightning. This gift tends to show itself by late puberty, although some variation in emergence is not uncommon. Manifestation begins by the climate around the caster bending to their moods. This can make raising a Stormcaller dangerous for the family, as the mood shifts that so often come with puberty have a dfinite impact on their powers. Fortunately, the nature of most Highland villages means that there is plenty of space for the young stormcaller to cool off in the woods and peaks. Their powers ensure that no forest denizen would dare disturb them. Many a new stormcaller has literally stormed out of their village in a rage, only to return some time later with various creatures killed by their storm.


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