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Farfra Islands

Year 656

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A cluster of landmasses resting in the bitter cold waves of the Copper Sea just off the mainland of the Thracian Kingdom. The jagged peaks, barren wild lands and extreme temperatures of the polar climate make the Farfra Islands little more than rocks floating in the northern seas.   Yet there is civilization, and life, and upon rare occasions, monsters. The Wild Fey find a home in the outskirts of civilization, calm for the most part. However, if they trod too close, the Hunters act. Monster Hunters, hired from every sect of explorers, trackers, and soldiers looking for extra pay. They work for contracts to keep the Islands safe from any threats.   However, the monsters are not always beasts and fey of legend, come down from the mountains to haunt civilization. Sometimes the monsters, are the ones within the city walls. Sometimes they walk the streets as freely as anyone. Sometimes they are the ones who are human.  

Welcome to Thrace

  The Farfra Islands have been slowly getting overrun by monsters, fey creatures, and outlaws. Queen Loradove (Loradove Iathserin) of the Thracian Kingdom commissioned adventures, veterans, and explorers to deal with the threat surrounding the lands. For a price, Monster Hunters (as they were called) received contract work in order to return the monster population to a more acceptable level.  
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