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WhiteGuard is a small island in between the Republic and the imperials, it is unknown to the population, it is only known to those in crime, such as pirates, thieves, hitmen/assassins, drug dealers, and such. Any guard or officer that finds the island seems to go missing forever making the island hard to be found by law enforcers. When Referring to WHiteGuard a criminal may call it FarenDale to avoid suspicion so nobody thinks of anything secret. WhiteGuard doesn't have much of a terrain as its mostly city but what's not already built on is forest, and in this forest is a dragon that feeds off of the criminals riches, destroying boats and feeding off the people and animals nearby having a huge layer in the forest. For a character to know about WhiteGuard they will have to discuss it with the DM.


Most of the residents or those who come to Whiteguard are criminals, the island is very diverse and wealthy.


There is not much of a government as they follow the government made by the Crimson shadows


Whiteguards best defence is its secrecy, not many people know if the place and it is not recorded on any maps, in fact they have paid off the Helms Rangers to not create maps with Whiteguard and to destroy any maps of it they had.

Industry & Trade

Whiteguard trades Illegally with the tribes and other provinces for goods, sometimes they even sound out shipments of steel.


Whiteguard is very rich and therefor has they have the greatest of technology. The island has state of the ark smiths, shipyards and other things, in fact Whiteguard has the best of most things.


Whiteguard is home to the largest fence of Farenguard as well as many stolen treasures and goods.

Guilds and Factions

Whiteguard is the promised land of the Crimson Shadow as it is the only piece of their empire that remains.


Whiteguard has a very similar climate to Farenguard however they get more rain as they are an island.

Natural Resources

Whiteguard gets many fish and has some forest to get wood from however, most of there recourses are stolen or illegal.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
The Fence, Safehaven


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