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The North

The Arctic is a complete arctic tundra with temperatures going below -50C degrees. Almost nobody lives there except those who do are tough and hardy, living by the statement “only the strongest survive”. Most of the population survives off of fishing and hunting. Blizzards are extremely common, happening at least twice a week. The people of the Arctic are known to be the best hunters and trackers, most of them able to survive nearly any environmental trouble.


The North does not have a government nor do they find the need to have one, they are mostly tribal and each town governs itself. ALthough every town governs itself they all bow to the Norse gods


The weather within itself is its best defence as it makes it incredibly hard to attack, however other provices see no reason to attack as the north is more a liability than anything.

Industry & Trade

The North as awhole doesnt do much trade however each comunity tends to send down furs and minerals to Helm and Velex.


The climate of the north is incredibly cold as it reaches tmpatures below -50 degrees, it snows all year and does not see much sunlight, and blizzards are very common.

Natural Resources

The North has much wildlife to take advantage of and many unesxlored caves that are rumored to be full of minerals.
Founding Date
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~50,000 - 100,000
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