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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a more secretive guild of assassins, and hitmen that go around killing people for payment or to advance their guild. The guild has fallen once, but was soon able to get back up on their feet. The Silent brotherhood does not only kill, but they spy, having people even higher up in the world.


  • The more blood on your hands, the stronger you are
  • If your caught your good as dead
  • The brotherhood is your family, you watch out for it and it watches out for you


    Typical Quests.

  • The Brotherhood will usually give kill quests, other than that when you're trusted they may send you to find ancient brotherhood artifacts, other quests would be gathering information on hits before the final attack, and planting objects on people or places.
  • Structure

    The chosen is a prophecy made by the ancients of the Brotherhood that says there is one so proficient in killing that not even a god could stop them, they are destined to put the Brotherhood in its true steps and to make it greater than it ever has been.
    The Faceless is a member decorated with kills and feats. The Faceless is the leader of the faction and wears an enchanted facemask past down from generations that makes the wearer unknown, nobody knows whoever wears the mask and anyone who does forgets. the Faceless hands out contracts and quests to members and their ultimate mission is to find the Chosen
    A Father/Mother is a long and skilled member of the Brotherhood, they order the Sons/Daughters and Train the Brother/Sisters to become great killers. Brother/Sister A Brother/Sister is a member and skilled member of the Brotherhood that sometimes takes on a Daughter/Sister to train or to bring along missions to help each other out, the Brother/Sisters take the majority of contracts except those of high importance.
    Sons/Daughters are new members to the Brotherhood and are treated as so, many Sons/Daughters are tormented by other members to turn them into the twisted killers the Brotherhood is.


    The Brotherhood is a occulted group of killers that are a myth amongst population as cruel and psychotic monsters that take joy in their killings, whether this is true or not is not known to many however inside the Brotherhood itself the members vary from psychotic to doing it for money. Most of the members wait for the prophecy of the chosen to uphold them to greatness.

    Public Agenda

    The goal of the Brotherhood is to get rid of those they are paid to kill. They don't deal with politics often however they will kill politicians that gain too much power. They Brotherhood wants power, gold, and influence in the world, and eventually they want the power they once had.


    The Brotherhood does not have many assets besides the skills its members hold for they are some of the greatest of their trade in the continent, although they do not have much some within the Brotherhood rumor of an artifact used before the current era lost to the death of the Old Brotherhood

    Run in the shadows, walk in the light.

    Founding Date
    Secret, Brotherhood
    Alternative Names
    Silent Brotherhood


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