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Society of the Infinite Eyes

The society of the Infinite Eyes is a secret society of changelings and other shape changers, where they can live in peace and are able to interact with other shape changers . The society wants to make shape changers accepted or gain high power as a society. The society is generally neutral as they will do anything to gain power, control, or if they are found out or offended even murder. This society of Changeling specializes in illusion and enchantment spells, making things seem what they are not. They believe they are the alpha race, being the best of all, and being normal at the same time. They even adapted the use of secret codes before any other group as a way to communicate and find other shape changers.


  • There are no limits to what you are
  • The shadows save us all
  • Typical Quests

    They will send you on quests to help fellow shape changers, find them, and find magics that cause illusions.


    The Society does not have a specific organization, all of its peoples are tasked with building up power, finding more people, and hiding the society


    The Society is very quiet and keep to themselves they don't come out much and for the most part live in the Underdark although there are hideouts in most provincial capitals.

    Public Agenda

    Their goal is either to become accepted, or assert dominance. Although besides this ultimate goal they change the world through illusion. They want to find as many shapechangers they can so they have a safe place. The shapechangers are a mix of good, however many are neutral and are willing to kill people, especially those that are a threat.


    The Societies biggest asset is their knoledge on secret languages as theirs is not able to be read through magic, is by myth unreadable by gods and can only be read through learning it, extreme intelligence, or possibly truesight.

    What’s yours is ours

    Secret, Government
    Alternative Names
    The society, The Missing, The Forgtten
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Government System
    Democracy, Direct
    Power Structure
    Autonomous area
    Economic System
    Mixed economy


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