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Faraweigh is a world designed to be different in some important ways. Unlike most worlds, humans are rare, they mostly live on one continent. Each continent is designed to have a specific feel. Anthropidon, the home of the humans, is a post-apocalyptic desert ruled by dragons. Midiador is home to many of the clasic fantasy races and their cultures. Finally, far acros the sea, wilder is inhabited by anthropormorphic animals and giant monsters.   2000 years ago the elder gods cursed the humans by turning their home into a desert and their kobold slaves into dragon overlords before abandoning the plannet. They left it in the hands of a collection of mortals turned minor gods known as Saints. The Saints keep the world at a tenous balance between good and evil. Hovever, there is a prophecy that in 100 years the elder god of destruction will return, and the saints of darkness are more than willing to prepare Faraweigh for his arival.