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Far Lands


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A land or magic and mystery where wizards acted as the ruling class for centuries. Society itself threatens to crumble at the evidence of the decline in magical energy through out the world. If magic can be restored once more the old order can remain in power, but should it? The common folk begin to ask should the wizards keep there place on the top of the social order is the time for a new kind of governance?   Rebelions threaten to break loose. Criminals are beginning to show less fear in legal officals who used to weild great magical power alongside there political clout. People in the service used to carry with them items of great magical power now they carry only the king's name and promise of retribution. As each day passes people ask themselves more and more how valid that promise is.   The king and his men grow fearful and desperate. How will they keep the peace with out magic? Is it even possible or is the descent of the entire world into chaos an inevitability? Panic begins to rise as no person seems to have an answer to these questions. Sitting at this cross roads every part of culture begins to feel steeped in uncertainty.

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