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Dykoni (Blue dogs)

Though they may look like a similar species to the wolf the Dykoni are more than wild animals. Before the Battle of the Dawn humans rarely interacted with the reclusive species but in the centuries after the Dawn humans began to understand what the Dykoni were. They had inherited the power of magic long before the humans and had acted a protectors and stewards of the world's magical energy.   Once humanity began to mine harvest and store the energy, the Dykoni began to rebuke the wizard's of the four towers at first peacefully. No one knows for sure which side started killing the other but the humans came out victorious. It was a time of extended conflict which the humans refer to as the Wolf War despite the Dykoni never having a form of military or formal government and the fact they are not wolves.   Dykoni look similar to wolves with blue pigmented hair.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Dykoni are mammals and thus reproduce through gestation like most mammals.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dykoni are mostly carnivous and are known for having hearty stomachs and strong immune systems.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Before the Wolf War Dykoni traveled in packs that would join into temporary larger groups known as "Lances".

Average Intelligence

The average Dykoni is about as intelligent as the average person but they often receive poor or no education as they are now treated as property.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

In addition to the sharp senses like a wolf or dog, the Dykoni can smell and taste magic itself.

Scientific Name
Canis Lunis
Conservation Status
The Dykoni are endangered and often kept as property in service to Tower Wizards.

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