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Fantasy Novel Setting WIP

17th of Cold Moon, 3721 RR

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Oops! I haven't actually named the world yet, just the country/countries the novel takes place in. I'll have to figure this out along the way!  
World Anvil Summer Camp (June - August 2022) prompt by aethera

To-Do List

Design a calendar so that I can have dates to mark historical events, even if they're arbitrary at present! (See History of the Midlands for current progress.)   Complete World Meta information!   Complete SUMMER CAMP 2022 articles! (Click the image at right to see my entries.)   Flesh out my primary setting for Book One, Chailara, moving past Droyca and Droicia Estate to specific Novel Settings like the North Road, Arqora Castle: Courtyard, and Asharqora: Streets(?), which should cover Book One, Act One.

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Creation of the World

13th Age

Using Campaign features to track and follow my many trains of thought!