Jérémie is Kicked from the Knights.

Life, Failure / Mishap


During a mission, the crack in Jérémie's heart causes his powers to go haywire, and he ends up attacking his team. He is later removed from the Knights afterwards.

The Knights are sent on a mission shortly after the indecent with Theo. When Jérémie attempts to fight, the damage to his heart causes his powers to act erratically and uncontrollably. Jérémie's demon form becomes corrupted and he shapeshifts into a monster that attacks the other Knights.   They defeat him by poofing him, and when he reforms, Sarah regretfully informs him that the others no longer feel safe around him, and want him to leave. Jérémie is heart broken by this turn of events, but understands where they are coming from, and takes his leave.