The Goddess Blade and the Retreat

Military action

2/3 3:00

A goddess blade user is discovered to be taking on the shades. Meanwhile the Shade's weaknesses are discovered as mages from the college pour into the streets to fight.   Vahit calls for his troops to retreat, driving them out of the city.

The attack on the city draws out a a young woman carrying one of the legendary swords of Fantenta, the Goddess Blade. Not just any Goddess blade, but the Amethyst sword. The very same sword that slipped from Vahit's grasp years ago. The magic of the sword does hefty damage to the shades.   Meanwhile it's discovered that the shade's have a weakness to fire and light, prompting a student mage to notify her peers and round them up to attack the shades.   Knowing that they were about to face a losing battle and unable to locate the princess, Vahit ordered a retreat and he and his troops fled the city.