Attack on the Knight's Base

Military action


The Goddess Knights base is attacked by a demon named Malice.   Deaths: Kalheim Aedian. Missing: Shery Eckstein

With out the twins to help predict it, the Goddess Knights base is unexpectedly attacked in the dead of Knight by a strange man with glowing yellow eyes. Dozens of non-shade demons blew past the bases defenses, all the while the man set objects and structures a blaze.   The Knights were caught off guard and didn't expect such a powerful enemy to be bold enough to attack the base itself. In the fighting, Kalheim was mortally wounded. The mysterious man introduced himself as "Malice" and proceeded to take Kalheiims thrall, Sherry, under his control.   Malice then had Sherry attack her own team as a distraction while in the chaos, Malice snuck away to snoop through some valuable military secrets. With no choice, the Knights fought Sherry, but before they could kill her, she was dragged away into a portal to the Underworld.   As the fire spread through the building and Malice had gotten what he came for, he and his demons retreated back into the portal. The fire completely destroyed the base, meaning the Knights had to escape to an emergancy base elsewhere.