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The Portal House

The Gateway

The portal house is a currently abandoned and decrepit house in Sunset Coast, known for it having a portal to the The Fantasme in one of it's bedroom closets.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the house initially was to protect the the Fantasme portal located in the area. However, after Sarah started her Goddess' Knights, the home would end up being their base of operation.   After the house was abandoned is was rediscovered by Marc and Ibby who, along side of Jérémie and Kristine, would once again make it their base for exploring The Fantasme.


When Jérémie remodels the house, he plans to completely redecorate it with a more sophisticated design, more to his taste.


The house is a simple two story, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, suburban home. The house was built in the 60's but it's interior design was more akin to that of the 80's before it was abandoned. Currently, all of the colorful wallpaper is faded and peeling off the walls. The kitchen tile is chipped and grimy, the furniture is moth eaten, everything is caked with a thick layer of dust.   In the the larger of the two bedrooms, the one with peeling purple polka-dot wallpaper, there is a closet that emits light as if it leads to the outside. This door is actually a portal to The Fantasme. The other bedroom is empty aside from the many weapons stored in the room, which was remnants of when the house acted as a base for the Goddess' Knights.   An attempt to remodel and restore the house has been made by Jérémie Aumerle, after he bought the house.   The door opens up to a small chunk of island just before where the Great Bridge leading to Fanentous Capital would be. This chunk of island is all that's left of Suhkorium.


When Sally Spencer and her boyfriend at the time, Dean where playing around in a yet to be landscaped lot, they were climbing one of the trees, when they found a strange portal in between where the branches formed a loop. The two of them squeezed through the opening and discovered The Fantasme.   The two also discovered that when the branches were moved, the portal opening became larger. Wanting to protect this portal, the two kept a close eye on the area until they both could afford to buy the property. After getting married, the two decided to build their home on the property. With careful planning an execution, the couple managed to build the house around the portal so it could be accessed from a door on the inside.   They would eventually have a daughter named Sarah would would later discover the door and begin exploring the fantasme herself.   in 1999 Sarah abandoned the house due to the indecent with the Goddess' Knights.

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