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Summoning of Yeenoghu

Plot points/Scenes

Raedra Obarskyr, the Queen of Cormyr, tasks the group to investigate why shipments of wheat, goats, and ale have not reached Suzail from the High Road. Whether a matter of thievery or worse, the group is expected to discover the cause and restore the trade route. Succeeding will see up to a 500gp reward as well as a place among the knights of Cormyr, while information can lead to up to 100gp reward. The players are given a sending stone with which to keep in contact with Thoryn, a sergeant of the Cormyrean army and the group’s contact to the royal family.   The group heads to Arabel at the north of Cormyr to ask the local merchant’s guild about the missing shipments. They will inform the players that the Zhentarim, a hired military who protects the road, have asked all travel to cease down the northern pass of the High Road, due to possible dangers.  The lack of information is making the merchant's nervous, as there are deep seated superstitions about the land to the north.     When a foolhardy wizard (Karsus) in ages passed toyed with magics he couldn't control, an entire nation was wiped off of Fearun, leaving a barren desert in it's place.  Some say that this cataclysm weakened the barrier between this world and the next, and demon sightings, undead attacks, possessions, and all manner of evil magic is possible in those sands. When the group asks the Zhentarim soldiers about this, they claim that their normal messenger from the Outpost at the edge of the Anauroch desert is 3 days late, and they haven't seen any travelers come from the north for a week.  As such, they are suggesting no escorted travel, and there aren't enough soldiers to risk finding the issue.  They will allow the group through, and can provide either a map or a scout to bring with them.     On the path north, they will come across several burnt caravans, and eventually the remains of the Zhentarim outpost, knocked mostly to rubble.  Inside they'll find weapons, as well as reports on the the gnoll encounters rising over the last few weeks, as well as reports of a human skulking around, then turning into a hyena when spotted.  To the west of the outpost, they'll find divots in the soil that appear to have been made by a thin cart, then abruptly ending after a few feet.  They are surrounded by a mix of large and small footprints, which they can see continue towards the road to the west.  Following the road will eventually lead to a gnoll attack.    Further still will find a farmhouse on fire, currently being attacked by the gnoll warband.  The patriarch of the family (William Fallow) can be seen in a cage made of wood and bone, being wheeled towards a dimensional gate.  Visible through the gate is Domri in the Druid's Circle, who will cast spells through the gate as necessary, and escaping into the gate is a gnoll pack leader with an enchanted fire bow.  The group will have one round to save William.  His wife Catlyn will be hiding in a nearby barn, but will beg the players at first opportunity to save the child Timothy in the farmhouse.    Arriving at the town of Moor's End, the players will learn of the gnolls change in tactics and the basic story of Domri the Hyena.  Hints will lead to either Shadrankor, Domri's Circle, or the gnoll warband.  Nightfall during a relatively calm period will trigger the blood moon graveyard event.

Plot type

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