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Domri's Arc


100 years ago, a dark mage attempted to set up a brutal, secluded nation state in the north of the continent of Fearun. Gathering his powers from the Abyssal demon lords, he eventually lost control of them, and after Yeenoghu (demon lord of the hunt) escaped into the material world, the only hope for fearun was the total destruction of the mad mage's nation, leaving the blasted desert of Anauroch; a scar across the face of Fearun that serves as a warning to those who seek power from demons. It is said that some remaining artifacts can be found in ruined cities, which still link outside our world, for those daring and foolish enough to take it.   Domri the Hyena was born into the wealthy ruling family of Moor's End South of the desert of Anauroch, whose facial deformity at birth (a crooked scar across the left side of his mouth, freezing his face in a rictus sneer) was seen as a mark of ill omen and shame on the superstitious nobles. He was eventually abandoned to live with a druid circle deep in the High Moors, where he learned to live with nature, and bore a grudge against civilization.   One night, a hunting party accidentally killed the druid elder, who was wild-shaped as a mighty Elk at the time. Enraged, Domri attempted to rile the other druids to burn the city of Moor's End to the ground, but the other druids demanded a peaceful solution. Cooler heads prevailed, but Domri's disgust for civilization deepened, and he broke ties with his brothers to begin wandering the desert of Anauroch.   During his travels, he found the crumbled city of Shadrankor, where he found shelter from the desert heat. However, Shadrankor housed a clan of gnolls known as Yeenoghu's Long Night, led by a priest of Yeenoghu, Irteg of the Poisoned Moon. That night, the gnoll warband returned to find the druid sleeping in one of the few remaining structures and prepared for a feast. At the last minute, Irteg stopped the attack, seeing the moon glint off of Domri's scar, that frozen grin mirroring his own. Irteg instead woke Domri, who shapeshifted into a giant hyena, as was taught by his druid training. The gnolls, taking this as a sign from Yeenoghu, bestowed upon him leadership of the warband, and gave him staff of the hunt, a cursed item that both gave great strength, and a direct link to Yeenoghu himself.   Night after night, the staff would give him visions of the demon lord and whisper promises of vengence and destruction of Moor's End. Domri's mind was slowly corrupted by the staff, until he was hardly less of an animal than the gnolls he now led. communing every night with the staff has given him the powers of a warlock, at the cost of his humanity. The whispers soon formulate into a plan: the candle of evocation, lost in the ruins of Thultanthar (the capital of the mad mage's lost empire, hidden by the sands), along with seven human sacrifices, can summon demon lord Yeenoghu back to the mortal plane, where he will destroy every city and bring civilization to its knees.   As the hero's learn of this plot, they must discover the lost city of Thultanthar, prevent the gnoll warband from capturing enough sacrifices, and prevent the summoning of Yeenoghu. But standing in their way is Irteg and his gnoll army, as well as their champion, a Fang of Yeenoghu named Brek Ironfur, the harsh desert holding many dangers, and Domri himself.

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