Session 3: Out of the Vault

General Summary

First time out of the Vault In the midst of the top of the Rumble   The Vertuvian Blue flew there because there was no road up there. Detected 6 very tall Buildings and the Yankee Station Went to the big lake - Saw the Milelurks in the surrounding area and realised it was heavily irradiated  

Visited Simon's Farm

  • Talked to the Son of Simon (Louis)
  • Talked to Mara, her mother was a vaulter from vault 80, she told them she saw the Vertibirds going back and forth from the vault
  • They are paying protection money to the Yankees
  • The playground is the biggest club in NYC in The Empire
  • The Enclave is claiming to be the Natural and Legal government of the U.S.A
  • The whole area is filled with smaller and bigger feudal lords, gangsters and raiders
  • There are ghouls humans who although look dead are alive, Some of them are feral while others are civilized and living with other people. There is prejudice against them.
  • They went to the Yankee South Outpost killed a lot of people
    In Game Date
    Oct 23, 2277
    Fallout: New York 2277
    Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels
    Vault Dweller , Level 3
    Careena McKennith
    Careena McKennith
    Vault Dweller, Level 3
    Lizzie Summer
    Lizzie Summer
    , Level 3
    Rosemary Gray
    Rosemary Gray
    Vault Dweller , Level 3
    Report Date
    07 Nov 2022
    Secondary Location


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