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A crumbling world with crumbling rulers. To the east lays the lost continent of Bahklavo, an ancient tabaxi empire and home to a magical anomaly called the Evergate. An ancient evil was stirred by the kings of Bahklavo, and this evil has begun tearing at the seams of the world, intent on luring other evils to the land.   In retaliation, the kingdoms of the material plane, headed by the Last Bastion, a northern kingdom, locked down the material plane and formed an army to combat this evil, which they called the Clockwork. Their allies in the fight include the Reef, a city of tritons led by an indifferent yet amused queen, the IX, a group of fey lords straddling the realm between the feywild and the material, and the Legion of Tiamat, a brigade of dragonborn, kobolds, half dragons and sorcerers on a living city called Fort Almighty.   Your characters are caught in the crossfire of this ancient battle. Whoever they are, whoever they serve, whatever you do, could lead to immense disaster or heroic victory. Regardless, I have but a few more words to say.   Follow the yellow brick road.  
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