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Duty, Loyalty, Obedience

The origins of Torm were a mystery, although it was known he was once a mortal hero. Many scholars believed that the mortal Torm lived in a nation on the Border Kingdoms known as Chalsembyr. At some point, Torm joined the forces of the god Tyr, as his war leader, before ascending to godhood himself.   Eventually, the alliance of the Torm, Tyr and Ilmater, another ally of Tyr, became known as the Triad. Within the Triad, it was often said by common-folk that Torm was the weakest of the three in his subservient role, but the role he played was of true importance: he acted as the nexus that held the three together. Torm tempered Tyr's zeal for justice and kept the calls for mercy by Ilmater in check.   It is unknown what the status of Torm is within the pantheon in a post-calamity world, although he does have worshipers who do claim to speak to him.

Divine Domains

War and Law

Divine Symbols & Sigils

White or Silver upright right gauntlet

Divine Classification
Lawful Good
Church of Torm
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The True, The Loyal Fury, Hand of Righteousness
Aligned Organization
Church of Torm

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