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Church of Tyr

Reveal the truth, punish the guilty, right the wrong, and be always true and just in your actions.

The Church of Tyr, individually referred to as the holy justices, was the institution to further the worship and tenets of the god of justice, Tyr. It was a highly organized, formal denomination that adhered to strict rules within their fortified temples. They mostly attracted those who adhered to the lawfulness aspect of Tyr's portfolio, such as judges, bureaucrats and merchants.   They could be identified by the symbol of a set of scales balanced with a warhammer and many wielded one of the favored weapons of Tyr: the warhammer or longsword.


As highly organized and regimented the hierarchy was within the church of Tyr, there were quite a number of ranks and titles available to his faithful. In descending order these were:  

  • Keeper of the Scales - Head of the Church and seen as Highest Judge
  • Defender of Justice - The elite group of fighters under the Keeper of Scales
  • Hammer of the Justicar - Select generals who aided the Keeper of Scales
  • Knight Commander - The heads of each outposting of Tyr's faithful
  • Vigilant - Clerical leaders within the churches
  • Hammer - Clerics who also trained in combat
  • Sword - Roving church members who aided other lands in their law
  • Lawkeeper - Scholars of the minutia of various laws of the lands and Tyr's law. Seen as the defacto experts
  • Acolyte of Justice


The clergy of Tyr would uphold the law wherever they traveled, taking thorough accounts of their judgments, rulings and actions. Through these accounts they corrected their errors and honed their understand of the various laws of the lands throughout Faerûn. Their actions should always abide by the law and let none others break them. They were to be vigilant in their watch, swift to intercede and never fail to bring justice upon lawbreakers.   Within the wilderness, where law was seldom a concern, the Tyrran priests served as judge, jury and executioner. While they often equated vengeance for justice in their actions, they adhered to the philosophy of demonstrating "the mercy of ignorance." If someone was truly unknowing of local laws and customs, they were allowed a warning, albeit recorded for posterity in case of future transgressions.


Priestly orders:

  • Justiciar of Tyr: This very elite order of primarily clerics and paladins was seen as the mortal embodiment of Tyr's power within Faerûn. Some served as judges or magistrates, dispensing justice within large cities, while others traveled to chaotic lands, crusaders in the name of law and order. A few select within this order traveled to the chaotic planes to seek out and slay demons and other embodiment of evil.
  Monastic orders:
  • Order of the Even Handed: These monks of Tyr found home at a small chapter house within the city of Waterdeep. Every member of this order shared the goal of setting out on one grand adventure within their lifetime.
  Knightly orders
  • Knights of Holy Judgment: This order attracted those who emphasized the "lawful" aspect of Tyr's faith. They specifically hunted devils, whom they viewed as perversions of true "lawfulness" and many would not only hunt them on the Material Plane but also venture to other planes to combat them.
  • Knights of the Merciful Sword: These knights stressed the "good" facet of his teachings.
  • Hammers of Grimjaws: These most holy of Tyr's paladins, less than a dozen strong, were selected among knights of the Holy Judgement and Merciful Sword and granted membership after judgement from Tyr himself.
  Triadic orders
  • There were several organizations that upheld law in order in the name of The Triad as a whole made of the worship of the three gods Ilmater, Tyr, and Torm. Among these were the Order of the Triad, holy Triadic warriors of Impiltur, and the Order of the Gauntlet. However, after the Calamity the worship of the Triad faded and these orders faded from existence.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Although not a legal church within the Empire the worship of Tyr is found to have a heavy hand in the Sembian Kingdom as well as within the Sky Cities where the laws are there to protect the populaces from strict resources and no quarter can be given or many would be doomed.

The Stalwart

Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Tyrrants, by non faithful

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