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Church of Torm

Torm's worshipers consist of those who favor the causes of both good and law. Righteousness, honesty, loyalty and truth are their primary pursuits. In the post-Calamity world they shine as beacons of hope and courage.


The Church of Torm was a sprawling religious order pre-Calamity and found many worshipers across various races and was seen a group of dedicated individuals of courage. After the Titan's rose and the world settled much of the Church of Torm lost its sway due to the break down of many organizations in the panic. Within the Prasus Empire, during its founding, the worship of Torm was proclaimed illegal claiming that fighters within the order abandoned them during that time and as such many within the Empire do not know of Torm anymore.   Outside the Empire worship of Torm is scattered, but still able to be found in small groupings. However there is no longer a central head of the church nor is there any hint of the organized sects that once were.


Post Calamity this organization is an illegal structure within the Prasus Empire and only has small holdings across the various lands outside of it. There is no longer a centralized organizational structure and is considered a disbanded religion.


Order of the Golden Lion   The Lion Cleric, Barril Gridiron, served as Torm's pontiff during a time before the Calamity and ruled from the magnificent Silverlight Temple. From this place, the pontiff extended Torm's reach and worship by sponsoring continent-wide knightly orders, including the prestigious Golden Lion.   Members of the Order of the Golden Lion guarded temples of deities whose worshipers who had become persecuted by governments or other suppressions. This act of aiding other goodly faiths was called the Penance of Duty.   Along with the Penance of Duty, they also had to fulfill the Debt of Dereliction (the act of expending every resource possible to eliminate cults of Cyric and Bane), and the Debt of Destruction (the act of locating and recording areas of dead/wild magic and repairing the Weave).   Eye of Justice   This order was considered heretical by many within the church. Members of this sect had no pity or fear and often used tactics some would consider questionable. The Order attracted outcasts from other orders as well as people seeking redemption for evil acts.   Girded Healers   The primary purpose of this order was to heal those touched by war or destruction, even offering mercy to those who perpetrated crimes against others but sought true redemption.

Religious, Organised Religion
Notable Members

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