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Church of Pelor


Because Pelor's clerics spend a lot of time tending to the sick, blessing crops, and providing for the basic spiritual needs of their communities, they attract a number of earnest, forthright youths who want to make the world a better place. While not unduly harsh, training among the followers of Pelor is rigorous enough to send many well-meaning youths back to their farms and cobbler-shops.   More so than adherents of any other faith, the followers of Pelor often find themselves striving against the undead. They also undertake healing whenever they can—whether that healing is physical or spiritual. Quests that break up a cabal of necromancers, broker a peace accord between rival warlords, or destroy an ancient lich-queen once and for all are good examples of missions for the glory of Pelor.

Sun of Mercy Shine on Me

Religious, Organised Religion
Notable Members

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