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Church of Helm

May your shield stay strong

Helmites were long respected and revered for their dedication and purpose, especially in the frontiers of the North. Throughout the divine crisis, and beyond, they unfailingly pledged to come to the defense of those who called for it.   They wear polished full suits of armor, often enchanted as everbright, and typically wear plumed helmets. Their hierarchy was strict and militaristic, with specific groups such as the order of paladins called the Vigilant Eyes of the God, and are lead by single pontiff as head of the church—the High Watcher.

Tenets of Faith

  • Never betray your trust.
  • Be vigilant.
  • Stand, wait,and watch carefully.
  • Be fair and diligent in the conduct of your orders.
  • Protect the weak, poor, injured, and young, and do not sacrifice them for others or yourself.
  • Anticipate attacks and be ready. Know your foes.
  • Care for your weapons so they may perform their duties when called upon.
  • Careful planning always defeats rushed actions in the end.
  • Always obey orders, providing those orders follow the dictates of Helm.
  • Demonstrate excellence and purity of loyalty in your role as a guardian and protector.


The church of Helm was organized into a strict military hierarchy along with various Orders separated into various arms of the Church all under the command of the High Watcher:

  • High Watcher - The leading force with the Church of Helm
  • Overblade - The name given to members of the elite enforcers within the Church
  • Steeleye - Traveling watchers who aim to spread the word of Helm and recruit new members
  • Abbot/Abbotess - The title given to local leaders within the various churches the dot cities and towns
  • Campions of the Vigilent - An Order of Paladins and Clerics who are skilled battlefield healers
  • Everwatch Knights - An Order of elite and devout bodyguards that are hired out by the church for those in need


A growing sect of Helmites called Ashbringers have developed separate to the main church. Not officially apart of the Church of Helm they are only barely tolerated by High Watcher Vollen due to their devotion, but calls against most of the Ashbringers extreme interpretations.

Tested and True

Religious, Holy Order

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