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Tethyrians are a Human ethnic group. They are most often found in the kingdom of Tethyr, but are widely spread throughout West Faerûn and the North. Tethyrians have a long history of enslavement and oppression by foreign empires, and as such are steadfastly independent and suspicious of powerful kingdoms. They are a mix of other ethnicities that have conquered (or attempted to conquer) them in the past, then intermixed with them, such as Calishites, Chondathans, Illuskans, and Low Netherese. Tethyrians are proud of their multi-ethnic identity, and tend to speak Chondathan.

Loyalty is a highly valued trait in Tethyrian culture, be it to a family, clan, kin, settlement, or any organisation one belongs to. Freedom is another highly valued trait, and slavery is viewed as the greatest possible sin. Tethyrians living away from their heartland in Tethyr tend to adopt many of the customs and traditions of those they dwell amongst, but retain their strong love of freedom. Tethyrians have a strong magical tradition, especially with bards and sorcerers. Thanks to Calishite and Netherese influence, there are a large number of wizards as well. However, Tethyrian wizards prefer a master-apprentice learning process, as opposed to formal academies.

While Tethyrians adapt to local conditions, they have certain preferences for arms and armour. They prefer large bladed weapons, lances, maces, and shortbows for weapons. For armour, they prefer the heaviest available, usually chain and a large shield. Tethyrians have a strong knightly tradition, and prefer heavy cavalry in their armies.

Tethyrians keep dogs as their preferred pet, using them for herding, hunting, and generally working. Falconry is also a common tradition, but ravens are also kept as pets and familiars. Horses are highly prized in Tethyrian culture as both draft animals and steeds, and are as heavily armoured as their riders during war. Flying mounts, such as griffons and hippogriffs, are even more heavily prized than horses.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Arveene, Esvele, Chessail, Kerri, Lureene, Miri, Rowan, Shandri, Tessele

Masculine names

Darvin, Dorn, Evendur, Gorstag, Grim, Helm, Malark, Morn, Randal, Stedd

Family names

Amblecrown, Buckman, Dundragon, Evenwood, Greycastle, Tallstag


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