Senaliesse is the home of Queen Titania and her personal demesne. A gigantic palace suspended in a massive tree, the city is at the very centre of the Feywild. The city was allegedly crafted by Oberon, the Green Lord, as a gift for Titania. It is from here that the Summer Court reigns, and is also where the Court of Stars regularly meets. While the name usually refers to the city, Senaliesse is also the encompassing Domain of Delight controlled by Titania. The demesne is always a mild, warm temperature, like a cool summer's afternoon.

The city is constructed in the canopy of a massive silver tree, in an ancient forest. From the misty ground, no evidence of the city is visible. Only by taking a vine elevator operated by rangers of the Summer Court can one access the city at the top of the tree. The city's avenues are primarily large branches, but it also has more precarious rope walkways off the main path. At the centre of the city is Titania's magnificent palace, nearly unrivalled in the planes for its majesty. The Summer Queen herself sits atop a throne made from green summer branches and flowering scented vines. Her chamber is among the largest in the entire Feywild, and it hosts representatives from all corners of the Court of Stars. On any given day, there are hundreds of petitioners and representatives - even some from other planes or mortal realms in the material plane. While rangers and guards protect the city, the Shiere Knights are its elite forces.
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