Selûne is the only natural moon of Toril. It appears brightly in the night sky of Toril, and features a trailing group of asteroids called the Tears of Selûne. The moon is approximately 2,000 miles across, and 183,000 miles distant from Toril. Selûne rotates in concert with Toril, and as such, part of the moon is never visible from the surface of the planet - called the dark side. The moon appears full on the first day of each leap year, and completes a full rotation every 30 days, 10 hours, and 30 minutes, making exactly 48 rotations per four years.

The moon features greatly in many cultures and traditions of Faerûn. The goddess Selûne, who shares her name with the moon, is one of the more important deities within the Faerûnian Pantheon. Lunar magic is tied to the phases of the moon, peaking during full moons and dipping in new moons. Lycanthropy is also tied heavily to the lunar cycle, with many lycanthropes transforming during a full moon. Druidic circles follow lunar cycles, especially the Circle of the Moon.
Alternative Name(s)
The Moon
Planetoid / Moon
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