Queen Raedra Obarskyr I is a human woman and the current queen of Cormyr. The daughter of King Irvel Obarskyr I and Ospra Goldfeather, she was second in line to the throne, after her brother, Prince Baerovus. However, due to her actions in defending Suzail in 1486 DR, her brother abdicated the throne to her.

Queen Raedra is well-liked by the commoners of Cormyr, due to her policy during the Cormyrean-Netherese War of granting farmland in exchange for military service, among other such actions. However, as she is unmarried and lacks children, the nobility of the Forest Kingdom are concerned for the future of the royal line.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

During the Netherese invasion of 1486 DR, her grandfather, King Foril I, died in his sleep. Her father, King Irvel I, also died that year, leaving Baerovus as king of Cormyr. However, due to injuries sustained on the battlefield, King Baerovus was unable to fulfil his duties as king, and Princess Raedra led his regency. During the siege of Suzail, the young princess took to the front and defended the city herself. She slew a large wyvern which had been magically disguised as Thauglorimorgorus, a black dragon slain centuries prior. This caused the Netherese army to rout, and Suzail was saved.

Due to Raedra's skill in both the royal court and battlefield, her brother abdicated the throne to her. In the tenday between Baerovus' abdication and Raedra's coronation, she dissolved her betrothal to the man Aubrin Crownsilver. On 15 Nightal, 1486 DR, Princess Raedra was crowned queen of Cormyr.
Year of Birth
1460 DR 35 Years old
Current Residence
Castle Obarskyr, Suzail, Cormyr
Aligned Organization


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