Neladrie Galaman


Neladrie Galaman is the innkeeper at The Tipsy Toucan Tavern. She is known for her stoic nature, bulky build, and rough exterior. She won't back down from a fight and has roughed up a fair few drunken recruits at the tavern. Each one of her scars has a story and if she likes you enough she'll sit you down and tell you about them.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Neladrie is a shorter yet muscular person with broader shoulders than most women and rivaling some of the more stronger men. Whilst not as agile as the average elf she throws a punch like a giant.

Body Features

She has a larger than average build for her sex and race and has large muscles and upper body strength from daily training. They have larger forearms that are often shown with her pushed up sleeves and slight feminine bodily features.

Identifying Characteristics

They have a slightly angled lower jaw that wasnt set right when healing, along with a broken nose with the same issue. Also her cauliflower ears and red knuckles are tell tale sign of her love of fist fighting.

Physical quirks

A number of scars from blades litters their face creating large canyons where knives once slashed down her neck and back. They have a number of burn marks on their arms and a broken nose that hasnt sat right since it was broken.

Apparel & Accessories

They wear mainly loose fitting clothing and an apron when serving at the tavern. They wear a number of silver rings which she collected from fights and brawls in her past as trophies.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Neladrie grew up among the elves of the High Forest  but eventually left for an unkown reason and worked as a mercenary and hired muscle around the Waterdeep and Nightstone area. After a job turned wrong she swore off fighting for other peoples money and started working in taverns throughout the region eventually landing a permanent job in Ardenton.   Neladrie always knew she wasn't just a women and after leaving the elves and seeing what the rest of the world had placed on the role of a women she knew that wasnt her. She then grew slightly detached chosing to use gender neutral along with some typically feminene pronouns. She dresses how she wants and will act as bullish and brash as she wants no matter what someone tells them.

Gender Identity

Gender neutral. Goes by She/Her and They/Them pronouns interchangeably.


They have been known to turn down every advance and are most likely asexual


They were educated on the forest and survival by the elves of the Ardeep. She then taught herself to fight among the other elves and moreso in the streets of Waterdeep. She can read and write some things and is knows how to clean and pour drinks execllently.


They have a history of being a mercenary and hired muscle. Bouncing and security was also a job that she undertook in her tim within the muscle scene. She then moved on to tavern work and inn keeping eventually settling for a permanent job with the Tipsy Toucan tavern, which provided food, a home, and friends.

Morality & Philosophy

Money isnt worth dying or killing over, and life should be maintained at all costs. She doesn't kill after she took her first life working as a mercenary and hired muscle.
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Working and running the tavern.
Current Location
Curled, short, raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Rough copper skin
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Elvish, Sylvan, Common


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