Indrek Laas

Indrek Laas is a human man, alchemist, and adventurer hailing from the Dalelands. Growing up in sleepy Mistledale, he has always had an insatiable curiosity about the world. While he was training as an alchemist, war erupted between the Dalelands and Sembia. Due to what he saw as a scout in the war, he aims to improve methods of healing without magic, specifically through alchemy. After the war, he took up adventuring as giants began threatening the Sword Coast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Indrek was born in a small hamlet in Mistledale, in the Dalelands, to a moderately wealthy family. Growing up, he found himself increasingly bored by the safe and dull life of Mistledale. Whenever traders passed through, he had his parents purchase various books from them, as well as talking to them about life outside of Mistledale. As he grew older, he was able to take trips to the larger towns and cities of the Dalelands like Shadowdale and Archenbridge. He even managed a visit to Suzail, capital of Cormyr, at one point in his early life.

When war broke out between Sembia and the Dalelands in 1484 DR, Indrek volunteered as a scout to defend his homeland. He was assigned to a unit with other people of Mistledale and deployed behind Sembian lines. He often worked with elven scouts from Cormanthyr, and learned the basics of first aid and alchemy during this time.

Due to the horrors he saw inflicted by Netherese mages and Sharran clerics in occupied territory, Indrek became suspicious of magic - even healing magic. Instead, he believed that alchemy and mundane healing was a more effective and reliable source of medical care, especially for far-flung villages without clerics available. When the war ended two years later, Indrek continued to travel the Dalelands, providing care and disaster relief to those places hit hardest by the invasion. In 1488 DR, Indrek moved to the city of Suzail in Cormyr, where he attended studies at the House of Oghma, learning to be an Artificer.

In 1490 DR, Indrek moved to the city of Waterdeep on the Sword Coast. He joined up with a group of adventurers led by Aym Twinhorn to make money and develop his alchemical skills. In 1491-92 DR, the group traveled around the North, defending its inhabitants from giant attacks. Once the Storm King's Thunder had ended, the group returned to Waterdeep and dissolved, but remained in contact with each other.

Indrek continued studying alchemy in Waterdeep after his adventuring concluded. With a sizable sum of money, he was able to afford both a small townhouse and his education in the city. He continues to provide care to anyone who needs it, and dreams of one day being able to return to his home in the Dalelands with the knowledge needed to improve it.
Year of Birth
1460 DR 35 Years old
Mistledale, Dalelands
Current Residence
Dark blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
172 lbs

Character Portrait image: Indrek Laas - Human Alchemist by SilkyNoire


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