Green Dragon

Green dragons are scheming and manipulative creatures that inhabit the forests of the world. They are recognised by their green scales (which range from forest to emerald to olive), leathery head plates, dappled wings, and stinging odour of chlorine. Like other dragons, they are capable of a breath attack - a cone of poison.
2,300 years
Average Height
4 ft. (wyrmling)
7 ft. (young)
12 ft. (adult)
16 ft. (ancient)
Average Weight
320 lbs (wyrmling)
2,500 lbs (young)
20,000 lbs (adult)
160,000 lbs (ancient)
Average Length
16 ft. (wyrmling)
31 ft. (young)
55 ft. (adult)
85 ft. (ancient)


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