Calishites are a human ethnic group primarily located in Calimshan, with large immigrant communities located elsewhere in the Lands of Intrigue and Interior Faerûn. The Calishite culture is an old one, having existed for seven millennia. An important part of Calishite society, whether in Calimshan, the former provinces of the Shoon Imperium, or beyond, is the strict caste system. The circumstances of one's birth determine their place in society, and no amount of work is able to change that. As such, hard work is typically not considered a virtue in Calishite society. Quite the opposite - Calishites aspire to a life of lazy luxury, attended to by others.

Pride is considered a very important trait in Calishite culture. Pride in one's self, and especially pride in one's family, is held in high regard. Social moves are very scrutinised within society, and there is a strong emphasis on maintaining pride. A failure to save face can result in a loss of status, and in some situations, demotion to a lower class. Those Calishites that live in the core lands of Calimshan view themselves as superior to all others, especially other human ethnicities and races. Tethyrians are always considered to be of a low class compared to Calishites, and Illuskans are viewed with contemptable disdain.

Due to the influence of genies in Calishite history and culture, there is a very strong magical tradition. Magic is considered highly valuable for its use in making life easier, and many Calishites learn simply cantrips such as prestidigitation if possible. Calishite spellcasting traditions favour the evocation school of magic. While sorcerers and wizards are extremely common, those that use the Power are much rarer, essentially restricted to clerics.

The harsh desert of Calimshan has long influenced the equipment choices of Calishites. The scorching heat leads the average soldier or adventurer away from heavy armour, preferring lighter, leather gear. Wealthier Calishites occasionally wear chain, but only when battle is imminent. Scimitars are a beloved weapon, suitable for mounted combat and against lightly armoured foes. Daggers, specifically the hooked daggers known as jambiyas and punching daggers called katars, are popular. Falchions and shortbows also see use.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Atala, Ceidil, Hama, Jasmal, Meilil, Seipora, Yasheira, Zasheida

Masculine names

Aseir, Bardeid, Haseid, Khemed, Mehmen, Sudeiman, Zasheir

Family names

Basha, Dumein, Jassan, Khalid, Mostana, Pashar, Rein
Encompassed species


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