Artificers are arcane magic users who specialise in the creation of items. While they employ magic in a similar manner to wizards, they tend to view magic as a tool or science. Artificers do not require spellbooks to store their spells, but generally use less powerful spells than wizards. In addition, instead of traditional spellcasting focuses like wands or rods, artificers use their tools as a focus to cast their magic. Artificers are capable of directly infusion items with magic in a manner similar to magic items, but more temporarily.

Artificers are most common on the island of Lantan or found in the service of Gond. However, after Lantan disappeared during the Spellplague, many artificers who survived travelled the world and spread their magical knowledge. Thanks to their traditional association with Lantan and Gond, many artificers utilise firearms and smokepowder in addition to their magic and steel.

Post-Second Sundering, a number of artificer specialisations have come to prominence within the adventuring community. Alchemists are not technically considered artificers, but a number of them combine their skill with potion-making and the magic of artifice in order to improve their abilities. Smithing is a skill often employed by artificers, often to improve their own armour or to create artificial companions and constructs to aid them in battle (or creating new inventions). Finally, artillerists employ wands and eldritch cannons to shoot magical projectiles across battlefields.
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