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Double Double Rest and Bubbles

DDRB is a well respected spa in the sea ward. They cater to the Nobles of Waterhaven and the wealthy lowborn. It was founded in 1487 by the drow businessman Jhaamdath.

He used to be a court masseuse for a house of Menzoberranzan before the political turmoil allowed him to escape. He then fled to the surface and went to Waterdeep after hearing of its not insignificant drow population. He, and his business partner one Pirgor Gredz, decided to put his talents to use and opened a spa. Ten years later and its the most well known spa in Waterdeep.

The services provided are varied and in depth. Standard massages, baths, and spas are common as are rarer services like mud baths and acupuncture. The most commonly purchased service is a massage as preformed by the expertly trained staff. 

The staff itself is mainly composed of drow and humans with the ratio at 60/40%. A few staff members of different races are also employed. The large amount of drow staff is due to the fact that it is one of the most highly regarded establishments run by drow. That and they have an aesthetic to keep up.
>The most expensive item on the menu is the deep clean and elemental bath. Where the guest relaxes for an hour in a pool full of elementally charged water after a thorough massage.
>Any claim that the spa is mind controlling its guest is slander by ant-drow nobles who are mad they could not get a reservation.
>Mr. Jhaamdath would like to remind you that we are not a festhall and do not provide such services.
Hospitality, Spa
Mr. Jhaamdath the owner and founder.
Mr. Pirgor Gredz the silent partner and financial backer.
Gacryn Babblecord gnomish head of maintenance.
"Ahhh wonderful spa I do like to take a me day once in a while"

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