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Session 2

General Summary

Last session began with the party gathered outside the cave that you discovered a short distance from the Triboar Trail. Wellington and Badger scouted ahead, noticing three wolves chained inside a small chamber near the cave entrance. You decided against exploring the cave further and instead began to head back toward the game trail. However, two of the wolves broke free and rushed after you, prompting a brief engagement that left both animals dead.    After dealing with the wolves, you continued on to Phandalin, arriving in town in the early evening. You sought out Barthen’s Provisions, the trading house where Gundren asked you bring the cart, and you met Elmar Barthen, the tall, dark-skinned human man who owns the business. Elmar expressed concern that Gundren did not arrive before you, and when he asked if you knew anything about the dwarf’s delay, Fea somewhat unconvincingly said you knew nothing. Nonetheless, you had Gundren’s supplies, so Elmar paid you for the delivery – 20 gold each.   Elmar then told you how he met Gundren. He said that the dwarf came to the trading house about two months ago and told him that he and his brothers, Tharden and Nundro, were prospecting in the foothills around town. Gundren said that he needed to return to Neverwinter to arrange a shipment of mining equipment, and he asked Elmar if he would be willing to receive and forward payment for the supplies. Obviously Elmar agreed. Elmar also said that Gundren appeared to be very excited, leading him to believe that the dwarf and his brothers had found something valuable around town.   Wellington then asked if Elmar knew of the Sleeping Giant, a tavern owned by his dwarven friend Grista. Elmar told you that he knew athe tavern but recommended that you keep your distance. Elmar said that a group of mercenaries calling themselves the Redbrands arrived in town a few weeks ago, shortly after the goblin and orc raids began on the Triboar Trail. Elmar said that the Redbrands were harmless enough at first, but as the Triboar ambushes became more frequent, the mercenaries began demanding protection money from the locals, insisting that only their presence in town would keep the goblins and orcs away. The Redbrands evidently ran Grista out of the Sleeping Giant and began to use the tavern as a private clubhouse. Grista has been staying with Daran Edermath, who owns an orchard on the west side of town.   Rather than risk the Redbrands at the Sleeping Giant, Elmar recommended the Stonehill Inn for lodging. As such, you headed to the Stonehill Hill and rented rooms for the evening from Toblen Stonehill, the innkeeper. You then spent some time in the common room, where Albero bought some information from two local dwarves. The dwarves told you that some sort of creature recently attacked several miners at a dig site on the south side of town and that the mine has been effectively shut down since then. They also told you that Halia Thornton, who runs the Miner’s Exchange, has been trying to find someone to deal with the problem. If you want more information about the creature, the dwarves suggested you speak with Morgran Silveraxe, one of the miners who survived the attack.    The dwarves then shared a little bit of local history with you, telling you the story of Wave Echo Cave, a lost mine believed to be somewhere in the foothills near Phandalin. The dwarves said that Wave Echo Cave housed the Forge of Spells, a forge built to channel a source of magical energy that had been discovered in the mine. According to the dwarves, rumors of Wave Echo Cave have attracted treasure seekers to Phandalin in recent decades, but no one has ever succeeding in finding the mine.   You then turned in for the night, taking a needed rest after your travels.

Report Date
17 Nov 2019

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